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Re: NFC: DD's trip (and q: on Robert's porch tanks)

all is fine so far had ice on the tanks yesterday AM. Fish are still
doing well...

> Speaking of stuff, I was muttering to my wife last night that before 
> I launch a major fish tanks on the porch initiative, I should check 
> with you to see how all of your out-on-the-porch tanks and fishes 
> have come through this extraordinary (for this area cold), and if 
> you'd done anything special .... so how are your-on-the-porch tanks 
> and fishes???  My mix/max thermometer says my probable tank spot has 
> been down to 35 recently.  
> d."frosty toes" d.
> * the poseur formerly known as the 
>    1st Asst. to the Junior Bucket Boy, 
>    Titusville/"Central Florida" ERT. 
> Doug Dame
> Interlachen FL USA

Robert Rice NFC  President
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