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Re: NFC: DD's trip (and q: on Robert's porch tanks)

Robert Rice wrote: 

>>  Heck I wanted to go on the jacksonville/rodman 
>>  tour...Now Im bummed

Sorry .... I didn't know that ... which is to say, gee I hope. I didn't have reason to know that. (Anything I need to remember, I have tattoo'd onto my forehead in reversed lettering. That worked for about a week, then there were so many layers of fergit-me-nots I couldn't decipher 'em any more.) 

We can do Rodman anytime. Like when the air temp is 85, not 25. Actually we could do it in cold weather too, but it seemed like a lot of the fish were probably hiding out in deeper water. For instance, although we caught some, I never saw a free-swimming Damnbusia the entire time we were there, which is pretty unusual. (But not unappreciated.) 

On the other sites, really more Baldwin area than Jax, if ken gives us releases to go to his special places, it'd still be 50-50 at best as to whether I could actually find 'em. But we could have fun looking !!!  It was especially nice to find some F. rubrifons, I wasn't even sure what they looked like since they're pictured in any of the field guides I've seen.


Speaking of stuff, I was muttering to my wife last night that before I launch a major fish tanks on the porch initiative, I should check with you to see how all of your out-on-the-porch tanks and fishes have come through this extraordinary (for this area cold), and if you'd done anything special .... so how are your-on-the-porch tanks and fishes???  My mix/max thermometer says my probable tank spot has been down to 35 recently.  

d."frosty toes" d.
* the poseur formerly known as the 
   1st Asst. to the Junior Bucket Boy, 
   Titusville/"Central Florida" ERT. 

Doug Dame
Interlachen FL USA