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Re: NFC: Just a few things from the bucket boy...

If mr guppy didnt have his fingers cyanisolated to his
keyboard he would have only gotten that pic once...
LOL   that pic was taken way down south for me near
the Georgia Tennessee border... lovely trip...my car
only broke down three times for me on that one LOL... 

Sunny cincinnati.... getting ready to head out to
Chicago to pick up the chiller base and tank!!!!


> > Klaus gets around I hear.... He managed to send me
> that picture 6 times via 
> > ICQ, so since I thought he was so proud of it.. I
> had to put it on the 
> > webpage!
> >  
> > BUT I managed to send fish in a lunchbox to him
> and they lived.... new 
> > shipping container... the coleman lunchbox...
> works miracles!
> >  
> > Gup
> > 

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