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Re: NFC: Sealing Acrylic

Sajjad Lateef wrote:
>         I thought that cyanoacrylate based glues were used to bond
> acrylic. Super-glue/Krazy-glue are cyanoacrylate compounds. Have you found
> these to by runny, Wright? I have not used them for large projects (only
> small fix-up jobs).

The traditional acrylic glues are solvents that cause the two pieces to
truly melt together, in a weld-like joint.

Many (most?) of the cyanoacrylates are not too good in contact with water.
Some, like the old Eastman 910 just turn to powder and go away, even just in
high humidity. Because *any* acrylic is slightly water permeable, I do not
tend to trust them for any use in my aquaria. YMMV.

They also tend to evolve some fairly nasty stuff that coats the local
surfaces white, and may not be too good for the fish. Good for showing up
fingerprints, but not useful for nice appearance.


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