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NFC: Re: Directions to the Fish Safari

OK, JiM C.
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From: James C. Guppenberger
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Sent: Tuesday, November 21, 2000 12:45 PM
Subject: NFC: Directions to the Fish Safari

Ok guys!
Lets just shoot for the 26th....
Time: well I am not sure where everyone is traveling from but I am sure I will get some feedback so we can organize a time. I think 9am would be a good time?? 
Place: We will start off at Fox Lake in Titusville. This is easily accessed from Exit 79 off of I-95 in Titusville. The street off of Exit 79 is Highway 50 (aka Cheney Highway), you will proceed to merge onto Highway 50 and then head east. Heading east will take you to the first major section traffic light (you will see Wal-Mart off to your right), you need to be in the left hand lane at the light because you will be turning left. Make that left hand turn onto 405 and you will be heading like Northwest, goto the 2nd traffic light you come to. It will be Fox Lake Road, take a left on Fox Lake Road and follow the road back to the lake, I should be in the park, look for a big green Ford F150 with a big silly red-neck cellular phone antenna on it (AKA CB antenna).  I'll try to put an NFC sign with an arrow at the intersection of Fox Lake Road and 405 to assure you that is the road you turn on to get to the lake.
The places after that all depend on what we want to collect, I got a few unnamed ditches and lakes we can check out. That have no road signs, but Hatbill park after that would be neat, there are exotic catfish, tilaplia, pleco and the likes there with the natives.
Its all up to who shows up and what we are looking for.
My home number is 321-269-3119
Cell phone is 321-544-5564
So call and make you reservations for the fish-o-rama catch a thon. If someone would like to get here earlier that is fine too. I can meet earlier at the lake or at my house that is like 5 minutes away, I am flexible even thought I cant touch my toes.
Any questions email me.....
Chris Guppenberger
jcguppy at gnc_net