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Re: NFC: The collecting trip Central-ized Florida East Coast

Don't let lack of equipment scare ya off.. I got like 6 dip nets traps, a 20 foot seine, a few cast nets, rods adn reels, buckets and the bit.
So don't despair..... its meant to be fun!
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I am going home to south florida for the holiday but will probably be returning on the 26th and might be able to leave early enough to meet you guys at one of the locations.  Let me know when you have a time and place planned.  Thanks.


P.S.  I don't have any collecting equipment yet because am poor and wanted to what to see what stuff you guys use before I tried to acquire any for myself.  Hope some one has an extra net or something I can use.

"James C. Guppenberger" wrote:

Okay fellas it looks like the weekend of the 25 and the 26 is it, wife had the little fry and all is well. So its back to fishin' I go. I know Doug Dame, Jim Capelle, and Scott Goett wanted to go and join me. Any other takers? The areas I will cover are the Fox Lake in Titusville, Hatbill Park in Seminole County near Mims and Titusville,  some Misc. ditches and lakes in Merrit Island.  I nice ditch system in Rockledge that dumps into Lake Poinsette, A few ditches near Kennedy Space Center, if we are lucky and the water is up Merrit Island Wildlife Refuge as well. And a little later on if time permits....Going down to Satellite Beach and Melbourne to look for some exotics. I got a call there is something that might interest me in a ditch by the airport, its supposed to be a medium sized fish in shallow water.. Mystery fish I suppose. I need to check one spot on the Indian River that was reported that there is "purple tilaplia" swimming around the rocks.  Might prove to be an eventful weekend.  If you plan to attend email me at jcguppy at gnc_net or call me at home at 321-269-9195, leave a message if I am not here. Chris Guppenberger Visit us on the web.......

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