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RE: NFC: RE: Native Fish Keeping

I think a lot of it will depend on what  species of tropicals and natives
you have. Keep in mind that some natives are also tropicals. I don't think
you'll have much difficulty as long as you mix fish that have similar
environmental needs. Ie; Temp, ph, hardness, room, etc. If you where to
look at the tropicals you have you probably already have fish from numerous
countries anyways. What the fish needs will dictate what you can and cannot
mix. Before you do anything, determine what each type of fish you want to
keep, needs. Then you can decide how to divide them up.  Personally I think
most people keep their tropicals too warm. I have kept many different kinds
of "tropicals" in unheated tanks with little or no problems what so ever.
Most homes are kept in the 70 - 80 range anyways and that should suit most
fish, with some exceptions (like Discus). If you let your home get below 70
or above 80 for extended periods, then that is a different story. At least
that has been my experience.


perhaps I should simply move all the tropicals to my son's 10 gal.
But what about corys and plecos?

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please, please tell me you are planning on removing the tropicals first!!
Mixing tropicals & natives is a very bad plan.  First, the two groups
generally have very different water requirements in terms of temps,
hardness, pH, etc.  (splitting the difference between the two ideals does
NOT work well!)  Then there is the issue of parasites & diseases...the two
groups also carry different ones and have different tolerances. What your
natives may be fairly immune to but carriers of, your tropicals will die
from, and vice versa.  The problems go on & on.  Give your tropicals to a
friend or back to a pet store.  Or buy a seperate tank.