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NFC: RE: Moving Time....

:)  Seems to me this is perfect for this forum.  My suggestion is to remove
as much water as possible leaving only enough to cover the bottom roots.
And remove all the big stuff, rocks, whatever, leaving as little gravel you
can.  A tank can travel if secured and flat with about 2-4 inches of water
without making too much a mess, but the 55's will be heavy :) Remove the
fish/inverts too, and put them in bags or other suitable travel containers.
They can even sit in the bags in the aquariums if you want and it doesn't
smush the plants. I assume you will not be moving all those tanks with
water?  That would be a chore and a half :)  I have successfully moved many
tanks this way.  The most critical time is moving the tank itself into and
out of the back seat of a car (not possible on some cars :) Still things
happen.  My recommendation is to bite the bullet, and just bag it all up :)
The plants can travel without water (just really moist,) and the fish will
be much happier for it too.  Oh, you may want to cover it just incase you
make a 'sloshy' turn..... The less water the better.

Good luck, and don't curse your stars if you break the tank.  It's a
distinct possibility :(


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Hi All... I need some pointers on how to move several large tanks. I will be
moving from Ft. Worth to Austin very soon and I have never moved an aquarium
without  a complete teardown. I would like to move them as a unit instead of
destroying all I have worked for... My planted tanks are finally sustaining
themselves and doing good and I would like to keep it that way. I would
appreciate all helpful pointers on this .... Reply to me privately so we can
keep the list on topic unless we talk about all the darters,minnows and
sunfish I am currently keeping...   :O)  Thanks in advance...
BTW... 75 Gal... 2-- 55 Gal. and more 20's and 10's than I want to admit
to..  :O)
Charles A.

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