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RE: NFC: RE: Native Fish Keeping

perhaps I should simply move all the tropicals to my son's 10 gal. aquarium.
But what about corys and plecos?

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please, please tell me you are planning on removing the tropicals first!!  
Mixing tropicals & natives is a very bad plan.  First, the two groups 
generally have very different water requirements in terms of temps, 
hardness, pH, etc.  (splitting the difference between the two ideals does 
NOT work well!)  Then there is the issue of parasites & diseases...the two 
groups also carry different ones and have different tolerances. What your 
natives may be fairly immune to but carriers of, your tropicals will die 
from, and vice versa.  The problems go on & on.  Give your tropicals to a 
friend or back to a pet store.  Or buy a seperate tank.

>You didn't specify, but are you looking to replace the tropicals with
>natives, or mix them together? As Paul mentioned things can get a little
>tricky when mixing them. I had assumed that you would be removing the

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