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RE: NFC: RE: Native Fish Keeping

Exactly!  All I was trying to get across was that you need to check the 
water/temp requirements of each type of fish before mixing.  (so few people 
seem to these days)


>From: Ty_Hall at eFunds_Com
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>Subject: RE: NFC: RE: Native Fish Keeping
>Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 15:48:56 -0500
>I think a lot of it will depend on what  species of tropicals and natives
>you have. Keep in mind that some natives are also tropicals. I don't think
>you'll have much difficulty as long as you mix fish that have similar
>environmental needs. Ie; Temp, ph, hardness, room, etc. If you where to
>look at the tropicals you have you probably already have fish from numerous
>countries anyways. What the fish needs will dictate what you can and cannot
>mix. Before you do anything, determine what each type of fish you want to
>keep, needs. Then you can decide how to divide them up.  Personally I think
>most people keep their tropicals too warm. I have kept many different kinds
>of "tropicals" in unheated tanks with little or no problems what so ever.
>Most homes are kept in the 70 - 80 range anyways and that should suit most
>fish, with some exceptions (like Discus). If you let your home get below 70
>or above 80 for extended periods, then that is a different story. At least
>that has been my experience.

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