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NFC: Re: My collecting trip...

Luke, you have discovered that my favorite collecting spot in Missouri is
rich in diversity and always provides great fish.  Congratulations.

Dave Hall

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Sent: Thursday, August 17, 2000 3:25 PM
Subject: NFC: My collecting trip...

>   Hey all, went collecting in central Missouri yesterday.  What a
> day!  Left home at 5:00 a.m. and didn't get back until 9:00 p.m.  I
> collected in Missouri for over 6 hours...plus the drive there and
> back.  Used a new weapon in my arsenal with outstanding results...the
> umbrella net.  Actually Tonay A. used it when I took him out last year,
> but I caught DOZENS of Bleeding Shiners this time as oppossed to the few
> we were able to corral last year.  The key was a small mesh bag packed
> with dog food, tied to the center of the net.  The scent seems to help
> attract them, and the tiny weight in the center causes the sides to come
> up first like a wall trapping the fish.  They see movement and dart the
> other way, but the "wall" is there too and they panic and are caught!  I
> also used some traps with various results.  One was full of what I think
> are adult Ozark Minnows.  And in one I caught a male darter...either
> orangthroat or Rainbow, haven't ID't it yet.  I lost a lot of Ozark
> Minnows on the way home, but still have plenty.  Lost a few Bleedings this
> morning, but so far so good.
>   I collected some of the following:
>   Bleeding Shiner
>   Ozark Minnow
>   Southern Redbelly Dace
>   Young darters...no ID (threw them back)
> Saw but did not collect:
>  Plains Topminnow  (looking down from a bridge I saw a dozen or so, came
> back later to have a go at them, but someone was swimming at the location)
>  Northern Hogsucker (several in the 8" range)
>  Redhorse/sucker  (unknown species)
>  Central Stonerollers
>  Creek Chub
>  Longear Sunfish
>  Various Bass
>  Small 3" water turtle (no id)
>  Many other unidentified small fishes in the water...
>   It was a GREAT day!  But hot as hades...I went through two gallons of
> liquids and was still cramping from dehydration at the end.  (remember new
> collectors: always take plenty of fluids and drink a lot of water before
> leaving to collect)
>   Put over 500 miles on my vehicle in one day, but it was worth it!
> Luke