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NFC: Fw: DEN Alert: Help Protect Wildlife in Central Florida From Sprawl

From: "Defenders of Wildlife" <denlines at den_defenders.org>
To: denlines at defenders_org (DEN Florida Activist)
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 14:55:30 -0400
Subject: DEN Alert: Help Protect Wildlife in Central Florida From Sprawl
Message-ID: <OAA57808.966970530 at defender_reply.net>

Help Protect Wildlife and Habitat in Central Florida From Sprawl

The Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority's (OOCEA) is seeking 
public comment on their 2025 Master Plan, which includes numerous 
expressway expansion projects. The plan proposes future toll roads 
that would expand out from Orlando into rural and suburban areas of 
the seven surrounding counties.  Three different road projects in 
three different areas of central Florida would have serious negative 
effects on state parks, national forest lands, lakes and rivers, and 
national wildlife refuges. Every one of the proposed projects 
disrupts sensitive natural resources, including the Wekiva River 
Basin and the St. Johns National Wildlife Refuge. 

Central Florida is home to many imperiled species of wildlife, 
including the Florida black bear, Florida scrub jay, indigo snake, 
Florida manatee and red-cockaded woodpecker.  Highways negatively 
impact wildlife by increasing mortality and by destroying, degrading 
and fragmenting habitat.  The Expressway Authority's transportation 
plan should include strong protections for wildlife and significant 
wildlife habitat. Transportation planning should seek a balance 
between providing needed highway infrastructure and protecting our 
wildlife legacy and natural systems in central Florida.


Send an e-mail to the Executive Director of the Orlando-Orange 
County Expressway Authority urging him to delete the most damaging 
projects.  This action will protect important conservation lands in 
Central Florida.  Staff will be reporting on August 23rd to the 
Expressway Authority Board  regarding public comments they have 
received, so please send your e-mail today. However, comments will 
be accepted until AUGUST 31. 


If you have access to the web, simply click on the link below which 
will take you to the DEN Action Center web site:



Please send comments to:

Dr. Harold W. Worrall
Executive Director
Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority
525 S. Magnolia Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801

e-mail: hworrall at oocea_com

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