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NFC: My collecting trip...

  Hey all, went collecting in central Missouri yesterday.  What a
day!  Left home at 5:00 a.m. and didn't get back until 9:00 p.m.  I
collected in Missouri for over 6 hours...plus the drive there and
back.  Used a new weapon in my arsenal with outstanding results...the
umbrella net.  Actually Tonay A. used it when I took him out last year,
but I caught DOZENS of Bleeding Shiners this time as oppossed to the few
we were able to corral last year.  The key was a small mesh bag packed
with dog food, tied to the center of the net.  The scent seems to help
attract them, and the tiny weight in the center causes the sides to come
up first like a wall trapping the fish.  They see movement and dart the
other way, but the "wall" is there too and they panic and are caught!  I
also used some traps with various results.  One was full of what I think
are adult Ozark Minnows.  And in one I caught a male darter...either
orangthroat or Rainbow, haven't ID't it yet.  I lost a lot of Ozark
Minnows on the way home, but still have plenty.  Lost a few Bleedings this
morning, but so far so good.

  I collected some of the following:

  Bleeding Shiner
  Ozark Minnow
  Southern Redbelly Dace
  Young darters...no ID (threw them back)

Saw but did not collect:

 Plains Topminnow  (looking down from a bridge I saw a dozen or so, came
back later to have a go at them, but someone was swimming at the location)
 Northern Hogsucker (several in the 8" range)
 Redhorse/sucker  (unknown species)
 Central Stonerollers
 Creek Chub
 Longear Sunfish
 Various Bass
 Small 3" water turtle (no id)
 Many other unidentified small fishes in the water...

  It was a GREAT day!  But hot as hades...I went through two gallons of
liquids and was still cramping from dehydration at the end.  (remember new
collectors: always take plenty of fluids and drink a lot of water before
leaving to collect)

  Put over 500 miles on my vehicle in one day, but it was worth it!