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Re: Live Foods Digest V1 #108

Try earthworms.

In a message dated 97-11-24 16:26:51 EST, Carlo wrote:

 Hello All, 
     I am a newbie to this list so forgive me if I mess up everyonce in
 awhile.  Anyway, I have had a fish tank for years and have fed some of the
 things I have had in that time anything from feeder goldfish to those
 little worms you have to put in the cone thing to feed whatever it was that
 I had at that time, but I just bought a Red Slider (turtle for those who
 didn't know) and I was wondering, Is it customary for him to be such a bad
 hunter?  I have a viquarium and decided to put a turtle in it since all I
 had were a couple of fish and plants and the turtle was cheap.  The people
 I bought it from said they will eat most anything so I bought a dozen small
 feeder goldfish.  So far he has managed to bite part of the tail off of one
 of them, but other wise he sucks at hunting, I have lettuce in there and he
 eats that just fine.  What I was wondering is there something else live
 that I can feed him, maybe something his speed that is a little easier to
 catch?  Since to my understanding that as he gets older he will get away
 from live foods and go towards the greens, but when they are young they go
 for the meat.