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Re: Live Foods Digest V1 #108

On 11/24/97 at 03:58 p, Owner-Live-Foods at actwin_com (Live Foods
Digest) said:

>just bought a Red Slider.  The people I bought it from said
>they will eat most anything so I bought a dozen small feeder
>goldfish.  So far he has managed to bite part of the tail off
>of one of them, but other wise he sucks at hunting

Turtles will generally not be able to catch or eat a healthy
fish.  Stun the fish first if you want the turtle to eat it. 
Better to feed fish heads and fins from the fish market, they
are cheaper and the turtle can get them easier.  Keep your
turtle warm, 78F water and a rock to climb out on with a lamp
over it so the rock surface is 80F plus (up to 85 or so).  Good


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