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Re: Live Foods Digest V1 #108

At 15:58 24/11/97 -0500, you wrote:

>Hello All, 

>    I am a newbie to this list so forgive me if I mess up everyonce in to those little worms you have to put in the cone thing to feed whatever it was that

Tubifex worms

>I had at that time, but I just bought a Red Slider (turtle for those who

>didn't know)- SNIP - What I was wondering is there something else live that I can feed him, maybe something his speed that is a little easier to catch?  Since to my understanding that as he gets older he will get away from live foods and go towards the greens, but when they are young they go for the meat.


Most turtles fish and amphibians as well will thrive on the common earthworm. Turtles will grow really fast on them. They will also eat water snails. (A Box Tortoise I once owned loved garden snails). They will also eat prawns, strips of trout ect. They are in nature more scavengers by nature than hunters of fish so remove the fish and enjoy them for what they are. You will also find that they foul the water quickly so either use a removable container or devise a method to change the water quickly and safely. Watch your fingers as he gets bigger those jaws are powerful. Do not use lettuce as there is not much nutrition in it (Iceberg lettuce actually requires more calories to eat it than it provides, useless info for all you simmers)use aquatic vegetation from a local pond or cultivate duckweed, spinach is also very good.

Cultivation of Earthworms is covered on our back pages section of our web site.


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