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Re: Green Water and Daphnia

I have never had the slightest problem producing green water with 
reasonably bright light---three or more watts of fluorescent light 
per gallon---and guppies.  Just feed the guppies flake food liberally 
once or twice a day. With two 40 watt AH compacts on a 29 gallon, the 
rate of growth of the green water algae is very rapid, and other 
forms of algae, such as bluegreens seem to be inhibited.  The work in 
growing Daphnia with this set-up is all in moving the water from the 
guppy tank to the Daphnia tank and replacing the water in the guppy 
tank.  I have tried raising the Daphnia in a "cage" made of 
monofilament mesh in the guppy tank, and they multiply rapidly and 
eventually clear the green water.  I have only used the Daphnia cage 
concept to clear up green water, but it could be used to raise 
Daphnia.  For maximum production, the population of Daphnia should be 
harvested often enough to keep them from clearing the green water. 
Do not go to a fabric store and get woven nylon curtain material for 
the Daphnia cage.  It releases substances that kill plants and green 
water algae.  Avoid any fabric made of woven threads.  The cage 
should be made of a monofilament mesh, preferably of a material that 
is not subject to bacterial breakdown.
Paul Krombholz in frosty central Mississippi