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Blackworms vs tubifex

Hi y'all,

First of all, thank you Paul for answering my
question.  Whatever it is in my blackworm
culture, they are causing a decline of my

Jennifer Macke's post on "Alternative" from a
few weeks ago really piqued my curiosity.  I
know that tubifex is regarded as dirty
disease carrying worms by most people.
However, the source that Jennifer sited
(Sachs Aquaculture) seems to have clean
cultures.  LFS Cultures sells tubifex as well
and they said that theirs are clean and never
caused any problem.

Now that I have to start over my blackworm
culture, I am interested in trying tubifex.
Have anyone else tried tubifex from these two

I heard that tubifex multiply much faster
than blackworms.  Is this true?