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Re: Green Water and Daphnia

I also have never been able to maintain a suspended algae culture for any 
significant period of time.  I'm sure it can be done, but not without a fair 
amount of effort and a risk of a die-out at a bad time.

There are many other foods that are touted as being great for daphnia.  I'm 
sure that they all work.  For years I've used a soy flour - yeast mixture, 
feeding just enough to make the water slightly cloudy.  It has worked fine 
for me.  It yields enough daphnia, the quantity of food can be easily 
increased to meet the needs of additional cultures, and I've had no daphnia 
culture crashes in four or five years of continuous use.

It might be that other foods will produce more daphnia, perhaps with a 
corresponding increase in effort required.   I don't know of any comparative 

Good luck!