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RE: Grindal worms temp optimum

In Hawaii (Honolulu) it would be 90+F in the summer and they did well, but
the cultures would require more frequent maintenance.  In the winter
months production slowed down and larger worms were produced.  In the
summer they were just slightly larger than the largest microworms.
I suspect that they really are only a mutant variety of the whiteworms
that has a higher temp tolerance.  Under lowere temp they return to their
larger size.....

> pieces of bread so fast that it's almost scary. She just
> pick a big glob of grindal worms off the edge of the bread
> with a stick to harvest them.  An amazing thing is that the
> grindal worms live in her garage (temp. exceeds 100 degree F
> in the summer time) in a dish pan with a piece of aluminum
> foil laying on top.  I wonder what temperature range grindal
> worms are most productive in... Does anyone have information
> on this?
> Tomoko
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