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Re: Bread as food

Hi Danna

Someone on Japanese apistogramma mailing list reported that
some list members do this.  I understand that some others on
the list use gold fish pellets as a growing media but it
stinks to high heavens in short order.

Someone I know in Tennessee feeds bread to her grindal
worms.  She told me that her grindal worms finish off broken
pieces of bread so fast that it's almost scary. She just
pick a big glob of grindal worms off the edge of the bread
with a stick to harvest them.  An amazing thing is that the
grindal worms live in her garage (temp. exceeds 100 degree F
in the summer time) in a dish pan with a piece of aluminum
foil laying on top.  I wonder what temperature range grindal
worms are most productive in... Does anyone have information
on this?