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Re: Live Foods Digest V3 #247

I have also heard of red compost worms (Eisinia) doing a similar thing -
producing "miniaturized" offspring when conditions are poor.  In redworms,
it occurs when they are grown in soil instead of looser bedding, which they
prefer.  There is a fascinating article describing this phenomenon at:
Be forewarned that it is a very long article and may not interest you unless
you are into redworm culture.


> In Hawaii (Honolulu) it would be 90+F in the summer and they did well, but
> the cultures would require more frequent maintenance.  In the winter
> months production slowed down and larger worms were produced.  In the
> summer they were just slightly larger than the largest microworms.
> I suspect that they really are only a mutant variety of the whiteworms
> that has a higher temp tolerance.  Under lowere temp they return to their
> larger size.....