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Re: Lighting/ which ones?

"Heather Briggs Niermans" wrote:
>I have been told that 1 Vitalife and 1 Grow Lux is a good combination,
>but I keep reading a lot of good things about Chroma 50's.  I'm
>relatively new to this hobby, but eager to do it right.  Does anyone
>have any advice?

Vitalite is just a more expensive version of a regular C50, as far as
the spectrum goes. Both are full-spectrum, and their spectrum look very
similar to each other. The Vitalite may look a little brighter, since it 
produces about 4% more lumens than a similar C50, but the total number 
of photons between 400 and 700 nm (aka PAR) is the same (see table at 
http://www.aquabotanic.com/lightcompare.htm). Vitalites may last longer, but 
I'm not sure of that. Considering the difference in price, I would stick with 
regular C50s. You may find them at many WalMart and hardware stores disguised 
as "GE Sunshine" (in a orange sleeve). 

-Ivo Busko
 Baltimore, MD