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Re: phosphorus and phosphorus control


Great artlice.  I've been reading the same trend but for saltwater which
is a bit different.  In the ocean the sediments settles to the bottom and
upwellings discipates it to the surface where bacteria converts from one
form to another, mostly in the surface wave actions and sprays (where
hyposalinity occurs) but I digress.  

Does this mean for a freshwater enviroment we could enhance our preception
of the relm by taking phosphate soil samples from the substrate?  Am
curious as to the soil phosphate levels vs the water column levels.
Another point I picked up on is the various type of substrate material vs
phosphate retention :) i.e. substrate type A tends to harbor phosphate x
better than substrate B

>Recently I spent some time pondering the role of phosphorus in aquariums.
><big snip>