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re:Lighting/ which ones?

>1 Panasonic 15w fluorescent 18" (beyond
that I know little more, it
>came with the setup)
 >   1 CORALIFE Nutri Grow 15w
fluorescent 18" which claims a high
>of PAR however it doesn't say how much.
This cost me $23.

I do not think that changing your lamps
in this case will make much of a
difference as I doubt,except for the
price that is, if there is much wrong
with the ones you have. Your main
problem is a lack of intensity. If you
really want more light you will have to
modify your hood. This can be done with
one or two 36 watt CFs. Changing to
single 36 watt CF will give you at least
50% more light than your current setup
and probably a lot more. Each CF lamp
takes up about the same space as each of
your current lamps so there shouldn't be
a problem with the retrofit.