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RE: Plant treatments

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> Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 12:52:01 -0600
> From: Heather Briggs Niermans <Heather.G.Briggs-1 at tc_umn.edu>
> Subject: Plant treatments
> What is the best way to treat new plants when bringing them home.  Does
> anyone have any suggestions for a rinse to minimize traffic of harmful
> organisms into my tank?
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When setting up a new tank I wanted also to start clean. After a lot of
research on the web, I finally opted for Potassium Permanganate at a rate of
(I don't remember exactly and would have to look it up) perhaps 1/4 tbsp per
gallon as a dip for 10 minutes. This was supposed to kill snails too. I
figured that when it is all over, at least I would get a bit of nutrient in
the K and Mn as opposed to some very hostile chemicals. Also it was
available in a local pharmacy. Well the water was turned a deep purple black
(watch out - it will stain everything)and with great anxiety I carefully
knocked the Cryptocoryne, Echinodorus, etc out of their pots, peeled off the
fibre - wool rooting medium and popped them into the soup.
    The roots all turned a brownish and the rinses left the foliage back to
a nice green.  Every single plant survived nicely, though only the Elodea
(Anachris) had all the leaves die, they came back very strong.  I am quite
happy with the treatment and will do it again with new plants. I do not have
one snail in my tank : )
   Again, watch out for the purple staining.

All the best,
Shmuel Silinsky