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CustomSeaLife PowerCompact Lighting

Afishy wrote:

> Does anybody have experience with using the PowerCompact Hoods from
> CustomSeaLife on planted fresh-water tanks (as advertised in Pet
> Warehouse catalog)? For a 125 gallon tank I was using the Perfecto 36"
> SHOLights to get the extra wattage but since they were recalled it put
> me back to square one again trying to get more wattage. If yes, any
> recommendation on the bulbs for it, I see that they typically have 6700K
> & 7100K Blue 55 96 Watt lamps available for my type of application.

I've got a 36" wide CustomSeaLife ABS hood with a pair of 55w PC
fluorescents, offset to fit in the hood.  This hood is on my 50g, providing
2.2w/g and I have enough light to grow anything (providing I develop the
skills to do so <g>).  The 6700K bulbs are terrific.  The fan in the hood
was terribly noisy.  This is because fan chosen by CustomSeaLife is simply a
noisy fan, meaning all of thier hoods are noisy - something I confirmed at
my LFS.  Because the unit wasn't broken they weren't about to do anything
about it.  Frustrated, I visited my local Radio Shack, where I shelled out
$20 for a new fan with identical specifications (cu ft/min, db level).  I
was able to replace the fan in 20 minutes and it's MUCH quieter.  That was 6
months ago and I've been pretty happy with the unit since.

michael rubin
michael at rubinworld_com