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Re: Analysis of calcium carbonate tablet

On Thu, 11 Nov 1999, Tom Bates wrote:

> A friend of mine (not in the APD) is attempting reconstitute RO water for
> aquarium use. She went to her local pharmacy and got CaCO3 tablets and,
> after reading the ingredients, is wondering if there is anything in this
> tablet that would be unsafe for aquarium use. Not being a chemist myself, I
> thought I would ask the members of APD. Other than Calcium or Calcium
> Carbonate, here are the ingredients as listed on the bottle. Percentages not
> listed.

Tell your friend to keep the calcium supplement for herself and go back to
buy one that is as nearly pure calcium carbonate as she can find.  I took
a quick trip to the grocery store and found one brand (Sundown) that was
pure calcium carbonate and a second brand (Nature's Bounty) that was pure
calcium carbonate, but coated.

Roger Miller