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CustomSeaLife PowerCompact Lighting

I have a 48" CustomSeaLife with 4 - 55watt bulbs. It is on a 55 gallon tank.
I too was bothered by the noisy fan, and they sent me a replacement fan
without any problem. However the replacement was just as noisy. I bought a
Radio Shack fan and it too was just as noisy, so I returned that. Now it is
not terribly noisy, I can sit right in front of the tank and have a
conversation in a normal voice, but it certainly noisier than a fan-less
hood. My next approach is to replace the current fan, which runs on 120V AC,
with a 12v DC computer fan (and power supply) and I think this will be

The 7100 degree bulbs are awful in my opinion. There is no advantage to them
unless you have a reef and are trying to mimic light that has filtered
through several feet of water. They made my tank look like a scene from a
B-grade horror movie, and distorted the colors of my fish. I requested
replacements and the mail-order store I bought the lights from swapped them
for a pair of 5400k bulbs. Now I have 2 5400 and 2 6700 bulbs and it looks
great. I can vouch that 4 watts per gallon grows algae really well <g>!