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Re: Planted Discus Tanks revisited

> Subject: Planted Discus Tanks revisited
> I view of the lack of responses to my post regarding running a thriving
> planted Discus setup - it would appear that Karen`s Aquatic Frontiers
> article may be correct in that it is not an easy thing to achieve.
> I assume all the water changes and more water changes to keep PO4 levels low
> make this type of setup out of the reach of all but the most dedicated
> fishkeepers/aquatic horticulturists.
> Someone must have cracked it  ?  If you have, will you contact me ?
> Andy Moore  -  (andy at ascot_u-net.com)

I've been keeping planted Discus tanks for several years now.  The
solution was to automate the water changing regimen.  Twice a day about
10% of the water is replaced with RO water from pressurized tanks used
in drinking water systems.  The water slowly going in at the bottom of
the tank, by way of a timer controlled solenoid (like those used to fill
an ice maker) is room temperature so that it completely displaces the
much warmer water leaving the top of the tank via an over flow which is
plumbed into the house drain.  Just keep an eye on the integrity of the
over flow siphon to avoid any mishaps (the voice of experience).  The
overall change in temperature and PH is negligible.  The only draw back
is the increased need for regular fertilization.  If you have any
questions as to the details of the system please don't hesitate to

Ed Hengel
Carmel, NY