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Re: Making friends with new water

Okay, I'm confused-

<snip> > I am adding RO water more and more to different tanks to lower the 
pH, so
>  > what would be something that would fix *any* water? All recommendations
>  > considered, especially if they fit a student's budget (although a student
>  > who spends way too much money on plants and fish.) 
>  You might be able to avoid the expense and inconvenience of RO water if you
>  can raise your GH.

How is adding hardness going to lower pH?

A very cheap way to lower pH is to add muriatic acid, which is available 
cheap at the hardware store.  "Dry acid" from the swimming pool place is 
good, also, and both are phosphate free.

Consider the source of your high, calcium- and magnesium-free carbonates.  It 
may be sodium bicarbonate, and the salinity of neutralizing all that hardness 
with HCl could be tough on the plants.

Bob Dixon