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Re: FW Flounder

Shannon Wheeler posted:

> >In any case, those wondering about flounders, have a look at these
> >and see if that's what you are talking about:
> >http://www.loaches.com/beaufortia_kweichowensis.shtml
> hmm. there's also a chinese-butterfly loach at:
> http://www.loaches.com/gastromyzon_sp.shtml
> and what I'm probably thinking of as an hillstream loach at:
> http://www.loaches.com/linipaxhomatoptera_disparis.shtml

No, I'm not talking about anything like that (although I've also seen them
at the Aquarium Center, listed as something like "butterfly plecostomus").
The closest picture that I can find on the web is "Conan the Flounder" at

Alysoun McLaughlin
Wheaton, MD