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Re: Plants Nightmare

On Mon, 1 Nov 1999, Charley Bay wrote:

> Last night I had a dream (a nightmare, really) that
> my 180g tank was taken over by two flounders...

Charley, stay out of the kids' Halloween candy. Bad! No-No!

> I know that sounds silly, but I
> was thinking about those little freshwater flounders
> that I've seen at the LFS.  Anyone have experience
> with these?  My guess is that they actually grow
> more slowly and don't eat people.

I haven't tried growing them.  I read that they can live in fresh water as
juveniles but must move to saltier water as they get older.  This is
probably a case of a fish that shouldn't be sold for freshwater tanks.

Roger Miller
Reeling from Halloween to Dia del Muertos