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Re: Altenanthera reineckii/sessilis

Olga wrote:

>Kean doesn't say what size the tank is. Perhaps 2
>watts per gallon is inadequate for this size tank.
>Iron counts but in my experience highlight
>is what gives red plants their best colour. I think
>very red A.reineckii will need more light. Anyone

Sorry, I forgot to provide the spec for my tank. I
have a 36"L X 18"W X 16"H 40 gallon tank. I use a 48"
of shop lite on the top (80 watts total-one 40 w
Philip's Daylight Deluxe and one 40 watt GE's Chroma
50). As the shop lite is much longer than the tank,the
light reaches the tank would be much less than 2 watts
per gallon. But I've added another 20 watt GE's Chroma
50 strip light recently. That's why I said that I have
bout 2 watts per gallon. Is this enough light for my

The shop lite doesn't fit my tank well but it's the
cheapest method for me. I think it's doing a great job
too coz most of my plants are doing great.

Kean Huat



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