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Plants Nightmare

I had a common plecostomas that went from 2" to 
8" in about four months.  For him (her?) the secret 
of life was Echinodorus sp....  It would eat the leaves 
all the way down to the base, towards the end at 
a rate of a 4-6" plant a day.  It was fat.

It was the strangest thing.  All my plants would be 
healthy and fine, but one would just "disappear".  
Every day it was a different plant (of course, how 
could the same plant disappear twice?;-)  Then,
when the Echinodorus was gone, it would develop 
a taste for something else that was available, like 
Vallisneria sp.

By the time I traded the thing off, I had very little
but java fern left.

Last night I had a dream (a nightmare, really) that 
my 180g tank was taken over by two flounders that 
each went from 3" to 24" wide by 30" long in one day.
Everything was gone after 24 hours except for a little 
pile of java moss and fern in the corner that they were 
eyeing suspiciously.  I was afraid to put my hand in
the tank to save it.  I know that sounds silly, but I 
was thinking about those little freshwater flounders 
that I've seen at the LFS.  Anyone have experience 
with these?  My guess is that they actually grow 
more slowly and don't eat people.

Any other nightmares out there?  Maybe I should give
this hobby a break and dream about nuclear war
or E. boli or something.

If it did happen, would it be wrong to eat them?
I got the feeling they would eat me if they could.

So... anybody on this list know what pirhana tastes

charleyb at cytomation_com