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>I have been having some problems growing any kind of Cryptos!  I have three
>tanks and all the plants there like Red Cabomba Rotala Indica, Anubias, Java
>Fern, and alot more plants grow without any problem but with all my Cryptos
>of different Species,  they are all not growing well and some have stunted
>growth?  I would like to know if anyone can give me some advise on the type
>of Substrate wherein these plant will grow best and what type of lighting is
>suitable for them?
>Thanks,  I hope to hear from you very soon.
>P.S.  Is peat a good kind of Substrate for these plants?

First and foremost patience is the key with these plants. They do generally
like peat(small amounts....not completely peat ) Plain sand with mulm works
super for most all Crypts that you can buy in the USA. Flourite works great
too. Is it an established tank, and if so, how long?  Crypts do seem to
really like TMG as a fertilizer over other brands. It gives them a sheen
that I haven't noticed with Kent/Sera/etc.....
Adding some K2SO4 often helps. Don't move them around either. They hate it.
They aren't too picky  about lighting. Every kind of lighting just about
works. If your Rotala and Cabomba are growing, then the Crypts should be
fine. Regular old FL's work great.
General conditions and keeping things stable will likely solve your problem
with them..........but it wouldn't hurt to try and play around with adding a
little of this and that(peat and /or K2SO4 Jobes stick, snail poop, mulm
Tom Barr