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Carbon & PMDD

Some more Aquatic-Plant 'newbie' questions I'm afraid (yes, I have read the
FAQ's) ...

Are there any subscribers to the list who live in England, UK & who have
succeeded in finding sources of trace nutrients, KNO3 & K2SO4 suitable for
making PMDD's?

Also, despite 'surfing the net' until the wee small hours for a few nights,
I can't find a conclusive answer to the question 'Activated Carbon or Not'
in a planted tank.  What's the current consensus?

I have a 48", 50gal tank with around 20 fish (Danios, Otocinclus, SAE's &
Bristlenose) & a moderate (but increasing) amount of vegetation ranging from
Anubias Nana to Vallis (about 7 different plant types in all).  The Vallis
is starting to look pale & my Nitrates are currently measuring almost zero
(after over a month of operation).  Ammonia is zero but Nitrite is just
measurable on the test kit (it was zero but I added some more fish at the
weekend).  Filter is a Fluval 404 currently with 2 compartments of
biological media & 2 compartments of GAC.

Any help much appreciated (especially regarding UK sources of PMDD

Kevin (who lives near Reading, England)