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Re: KH, pH, CO2, and I

There's been lots of speculation about exactly what's involved here, but 
the impression I'm getting is that while a high KH doesn't explicitly 
prevent the pH from changing, it tends to keep the pH high. And when your 
pH is already on the high side this can appear to be the same effect.

More importantly, there are lots of factors that might affect the apparent 
lack of pH change in my tank. The one factor nobody has mentioned is the 
questionable accuracy of my pH test kit. I've never found a really good 
one, and when your pH is between 7.4 and 7.8 it's in that "grey area" at 
the high end of the low-range kits and the low end of the high-range kits, 
and it's hard to get an accurate result.

At any rate, I do know two things: my pH doesn't change drastically and 
doesn't ever harm the fish, and the plants generally grow like crazy 
regardless of the apparent amount of CO2 they're getting. So I'm going to 
leave things as they are, strange or not.

And I'll focus on my new 15gal high tank, which will be a challenge since 
it won't have CO2 injection for a while. (I'm just not motivated to do the 
yeast thing, and I'll be getting a canister when I set up a bigger tank in 
the future...)

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