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RE: Monkey Grass

>The local "Petco" store has the best selection of aquatic plants in town, but 
>they come unlabeled in little pots.  I just bought some kind of crypt (maybe 
>anubias, I haven't tried to identify it yet) with speckled leaves, and 
>another plant that looks like lirope or "monkey grass".  I cannot identify 
>the grass from any pictures at www.tropica.dk.  The leaves are dark green and 
>grow from a bunch.  They taper to a point and have a slightly serrated edge 
>-- and feel very rough to touch.  Does this sound familiar to anyone?  Did I 
>buy a terrestrial plant that's gonna die if it's submersed?  Thanks for any 
Sounds very much like Mondo Grass -Ophiopogon sp. Often these are regarded
as unsuitable for submersion. I have found other wise.............I think
I've got one at least close to two years submersed now. The submersed leaves
are softer and lighter color. It will form runners. Likes light and needs
protection from algae due to slow growth. Not a great plant for aquaria but
can be grown submersed. Acorus sp. are similar. Better bog plant.
Tom Barr