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Re: Polyodon spathula (in planted or unplanted tanks)

Hello Yohannes,

>From: "Alexander Yohannes Suhendra" <tiger at personal_telkom.net.id>
>Subject: Polyodon spathula

>i recently saw some small Polyodon spathula in LFS. what happen if i add one
>into  my planted tank  ?
>my planted tank is quite large, about 195 G, heavily planted, and i mainly
>keep angelfishes and other tetras in it.

My intention was to email you privately as this is getting off topic but
I think it's important for everyone to know this. 

Paddlefishes (Polyodon spathula) are not suited to keep in aquaria or ponds,
planted or unplanted. To start with they are from a completely different 
biotope, they originate from Mississippi River system, particularly Missouri 
and its tributaries. These fish grow up to 7 feet (2 metres) long. 

Apart from this, they are very sensitive fish and they feed mainly on 
plankton. It's almost impossible to feed them the amount they require in
captivity. Paddlefishes belong in the wild and should not even be considered
for the trade. 

Best regards,

Sturgeon Expert
The Pond Library