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Re: Apon crispus pollination

Dan Dixon wrote:

One of my A. crispus has produced a flower spike. I would like to 
pollinate it. How is this done? I tried using a fine paint brush and 
"painted" the spike. I could see some white powder (pollen) falling 
on the
water surface below. Will this work? How long do seeds take to 
form? What
will they look like? If I manage to get seeds to form, I'd like to try 
cultivate them. Anyone tried this?

I pollinated the flower by rubbing my finger over it to distribute the 
pollen. Then I ignored it. Seeds formed (kinda brown knobby balls 
as I recall, didn't take long for them to form, maybe a week, but it 
wasn't all at once. Top of flower spike formed the first ones, then on 
down the spike over several weeks), fell into the aquarium, sank, 
and germinated. I transplanted to where i wanted them. It really 
isn't hard at all. 

Cathy Hartland