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Potassium permanganate for Cyanobacteria (fwd)

This is a response to my question concerning BGA.  I was asked to post it
by the sender.


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Date: Sat, 18 Sep 1999 14:56:01 -0400
From: Shmuel Silinsky <SSilinsky at mail_here.co.il>
To: saslezak at theory_uchicago.edu
Subject: Potassium permanganate for Cyanobacteria

Sorry to respond privately, but I seem to have a problem sending to the
list. In fact, if you post this for me, I would love to see any  
     I used Potassium permanganate as a plant soak befor putting them in
a tank to kill any extraneous organisms.  I have used a concentration as
high as a teaspoon per quart with a 10 minute soak and still got great
results, nary a snail and it seems to very much inhibit algae. Could be
that the potassium permanganate would be good for cyano bacteria too.  It
is a very powerful reducing agent and in a high concentration for a
longer period of time should be quite effective. Also, I like it better
than bleach or other disinfectancts because any traces left are basically
potassium and manganese - both plant nutrients. The downside is that it
stains whatever it gets on a deep purple, including plant roots. New
roots seem to come through fine and white afterwards. (It seemed to kill
the leaves of Elodea (Anachris) though the new growth came back like
gangbustes.) Of course, in your case you are dearing with an empty tank.
Potassium permanganate is available at most pharmacies, and I would
expect a cheaper grade could be bought from a chemical supply house.
Great success to you.
All the best,
Shmuel Silinsky