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Nitrifying Bacteria

>This weekend I was informed that there was some recent info that stated
>that Nitrosomonas werneri and Nitrobacter weinogradskyi are NOT
>the bacteria used in the nitrogen cycle.  Does anyone care to elaborate on
>this info?

This isn't really news.  The research was done by Tim Hovanec several years
ago.  It's just that information doesn't always travel fast in hobbyist
circles.  Tim pretty conclusively proved that Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter
were NOT found in any substantial numbers in aquariums, either fresh or
marine. Now what the TRUE name of the pesky little critters that _do_
inhabit our tanks are is still open.  

It really doesn't make any difference, the bacteria we use work the same
way whether we call them by one name or another.  Just Like a Krib is not a
Krib, but it's still a mighty nice little fishie!<g>