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CO2 Question

>    My question:  If the amount of CO2 that is saturated in
>the tank is determined by the KH and the pH, am I to assume
>that excess CO2 precipitates out of solution and bubbles
>away?  If it does, can you "overdose" the tank with CO2?

You've got it backwards.  The amount of KH and CO2 determine the pH,
assuming there are no other substances (like phosphate or humic acids) that
also affect the pH.  You can use KH and pH to DETERMINE how much CO2 is
available within the tank (again, assuming that nothing else is interfering
with the numbers) but you can't manipulate KH or pH and automatically end
up with more (or less) CO2 in the tank.  

Water can dissolve a TREMENDOUS amount of CO2 before reaching saturation.
(think Coke can here)  It is entirely possible, and all too easy to
overdose your tank with CO2, quickly ending up with a large number of dead