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Re: Nitrifying Bacteria

Karen wrote;

 Tim pretty conclusively proved that Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter
>were NOT found in any substantial numbers in aquariums, either fresh or
>marine. Now what the TRUE name of the pesky little critters that _do_
>inhabit our tanks are is still open.  
>It really doesn't make any difference, the bacteria we use work the same
>way whether we call them by one name or another.  


I confess I didn't know this. Karen; do you or any other list-lurker have
more info about precisely what this gent found?  I'd like to know what is
the breakdown of the nutrient active bacteria populations in our tanks.  I
teach nitrogen cycling and use planted tanks in the classroom as "hands-on"
examples. I can never confidently teach that lesson again w/o knowing what
exactly is in the aquarium's bacteriological brew.

On another note, myself and the rest of the Faithful Florida "Floratank"
Fans will probably not be list lurking for a while. We'll too busy
scrambling for plywood, batteries and babyfood for the next 24hrs, then
digging ourselves out of hurricane Floyd rubble for the next week. If my
computer survives, I'll thank you for your answer.

Oh well, there is a bright side. I should be able to scare up LOTS more
driftwood :)