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Re: Seachem Florish and KH question

Bob wrote:

>And what does this Tropical Water Conditioner do?

I was having some trouble with green spot algae on the glass and the
aquarium shop man told me the water in my town contains high phosphate
levels.  Since then I have been using a "tap water purifier" then adding
the tropical water conditioner to put back trace elements etc.  Its made by
Aquasonic (Aust. made) 

The label states: contains mix of trace elements and 9 salts in the correct
proportions.  Raises hardness by 80ppm, and salinity by 130ppm.  Low salt
(NaCl) content permits culture of sensitive fish and delicate plants."

>Why do you want to increase hardness (GH) and alkalinity (KH)? 

I understood that the recommended kH for freshwater fish was between 70 -
170ppm, and gH up to 150ppm for corydoras, loaches.  Mine is about 20 -
40pmm for both.  I thought I would try and raise both the hardness and
alkalinity.  I thought that raising the kH might stabilise the pH which is
normally about 6.8 but with CO2 can get down to under 6.00.  And I also
thought it would be good for the plants.

Are you 
>keeping rift lake cichlids or livebearers?  Then yes, you want it higher.
>you are keeping Angels, most killies, South Ammerican dwarf cichlids, 
>anabantids, Discus, tetras, or West African cichlids, your water is fine.

I have a 40 gal tank with 4 overhead lights (although 2 stopped working
this week) 
The water temp is about 30c (86F) even though I put 2 frozen bottles of
water in during the afternoon/evening.  (I may have to do this more
Iron about .1 (no more)
Nitrate 5ppm
Ammonia  <.1
Home made Co2
Clear water!

Fish = 6 Corydoras, 2 kuhli loaches, 2 plecos, 6 dwarf gouramis

Plants = blue stricta, Giant swords, medium swords, Marble queen, water
wisteria, rotala macranda, Banana plant, ludwigia, hygrophilia, ambulia

Filtration: Fluval 303

25% weekly water change,  Daily gro plant fertilizer (Aquasonic),  Flourish

Substrate:  Riversand with laterite underneath.

I have in the past had big trouble with blue-green algae and have closed
down the tank over the 'wet' season, but I have had it up and running for
about 2 months and apart from a couple of days of green pea-soup water,
have had crystal clear water.  In the past though I have had frequent fish
deaths (one or two a week) and I don't want that.  I know the heat really
knocks the plants and the fish around.  I'm considering buying a chiller,
although today I thought for about the same price I could buy a split
system a/c for the room that the whole family could enjoy.

Help us to understand the reason for doing what you want to do, then we can 
>advise you further.  If you are raising hardness and alkalinity for the 
>plants, again, some plants live in soft water in the wild.  Tell us what you 
>have in this tank.