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Re: Substrate for fish room

Scott Slezak wrote:

>What would you have done differently in your fishroom if you could do
>over again?

Well, I would definitely keep the seamless vinyl flooring and seaked
backspash edging that I have, all very slightly below the level of the
adjacent room.  As the adjacent area is a custom-patterned hardwood
floor, I would be in deep trouble if I flooded it.  I would also have
installed a floor drain, despite the fact that we are a radon area, it
would be extra insurance against accidental floods.  The lack of a floor
drain restricts my use of automatic water changers to those tanks well
above sink level- not exactly normal configuration for the largest

All outlets are at mid-chest height, and the room has multiple circuits,
all GFI'd, including those on the ceiling (actually a very handy place
to plug in tank equipment).