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Re: Seachem Florish and KH question

Gail writes:

> Can anyone on this list explain to me what exactly Seachem Flourish is?
>  I bought some through a mailorder company under the category of plant
>  fertilizer and it arrived with nothing except a scant label that said it is
>  a "non-fertilizer water conditioner' and it also says to use with Flourish
>  Iron, Flourish Tabs and Flourite.  What exactly does it contain and what
>  does it do?

That's why I quit using it.  I can't figure out what it is supposed to do.  I 
can only say that it is part of the Seachem Plant regimen.  If you are doing 
the purist Seachem thing, then it's supposed to be important.  If you aren't 
doing the rest of the Seacchem thing, then it's hard to say whether it is 
beign duplicated by something else you are also doing.
>  I already use Tropical Water Conditioner, so I guess I shouldn't use the
>  Flourish as well.  

And what does this Tropical Water Conditioner do?
>  The other thing I want confirmed is my gH is 40ppm and my kH is 20ppm.  I
>  was going to buy some calcium carbonate to raise both gH and kH.  Is that
>  right?  I did consider double dosing with the Tropical Water conditioner
>  (it said it would raise hardness by approx 80ppm and salinity by 130ppm)
>  but I have loaches and little catfish and I think I read somewhere that
>  they can't tolerate salty water so I was a bit nervous about doing that.

You're right, some of them don't like saline water.  Not even a little bit.  
It depends exactly which species you have as to whether you want the NaCl in 
your tank or not.  

Why are you adding the Tropical Water Conditioner?  If it is simply because 
the guy at the LFS said you need it, then stop.  What else does this stuff do 
besides add salt and +2 ions?  Who makes it?

Why do you want to increase hardness (GH) and alkalinity (KH)?  Are you 
keeping rift lake cichlids or livebearers?  Then yes, you want it higher.  If 
you are keeping Angels, most killies, South Ammerican dwarf cichlids, 
anabantids, Discus, tetras, or West African cichlids, your water is fine.

Help us to understand the reason for doing what you want to do, then we can 
advise you further.  If you are raising hardness and alkalinity for the 
plants, again, some plants live in soft water in the wild.  Tell us what you 
have in this tank.

Bob Dixon
Cichlid Trader List Administrator