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Re: NitrAte test kit


Another kit that you may wish to consider is Aquarium Pharm.  The test is
sensitive enough, however it does test for nitrate ion only.  Lamotte's
nitrAte kits test for nitrate-nitrogen.
http://www.actwin.com/fish/faq/water.html is a great article on just this

However, if you do decide to use the AP kit it needs a slight 
modification, pickup some type of test tube stopper that will *NOT*
leak!!!  When handling chemicals you can't have the kit leaking and
causing potentialy damaging situations occuring


>The difficulty is measuring total N ppm.  I've perused the archives and
>read all that is available on nitrate test kits, and it looks like the
>weapon of choice is the fairly expensive model from Lamotte.  My LFS,
>expert with saltwater reef aquaria, recommends the Salvert Nitrate test
>kit as an alternative (about 1/3 the price of the Lamotte), but they've
>obviously got a vested interest in selling me that item.