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Re: Echinodorus bleheri questions

> Date: Sun, 05 Sep 1999 19:37:50 -0500
> From: "Dan Dixon" <dandixon at home_com>
> Subject: Echinodorus bleheri questions
> Hello,
> I have what I believe to be an Echinodorus bleheri that has a peduncle which
> is now about 32 inches long. As my tank is only 24 inches tall (and also has
> a few inches of gravel under the E. bleheri), the thing has come up out of
> the the water several inches. I was going to let it continue upward, but
> since there is no light above the tank I decided to put it back under the
> hood in the water. It was also looking kind of dried out out of the water,
> although it was still nice and healthy looking. Also, it has forked off into
> 4 stems, with what look like more on the way. Will it be more apt to make
> baby plants (which I'd prefer over flowers) by remaining in the water, or
> should I just let one or more stems grow up out of the tank?

Let the stems get very long then gently anchor the end so the stem is under
water..   When the baby plants form on the stem fron the flower thingies and start
throwing out roots,  anchor the baby plants gently in the soil ( I use rocks to
weight down the stem).  I sever the stem from the mother plant after the new plant
is well under way.   Funny I read your Email, just as I was going outside to
harvest about ten giant amazon swords from one plant which appeared dead (until I
moved it outside).